The guys who join our group weeks come from all over Europe, sometimes the world. This is a perfect possibility to enjoy hiking, trekking and nature together and to make new friends. Be part of it and join us.




This week's topic is Ancient Rome. We spend a few days in Rome itself and in the historic surroundings. Under expert guidance we will visit not only the well-known sights, but also archaeological insider tips. We will follow the path of the water in ancient Rome, visiting new excavations of tenements of the period of Emperor Neros and of course Coloseum, Patheon, Roman Forum and the Palatine.

We will drive to the sea in the ancient ruined city of Ostia Antica, where we will follow the everyday life in the antique. We will walk outside Rome on the ancient Via Appia and descend into catacombs, which are usually not accessible to tourists. We will visit the villa of Emperor Hadrian and walk along ancient aqueducts in the surrounding area. More infos: info@gay-aktivreisen.de



Costs:  549 Euro

The Spreewald forrest in Brandenburg, Germany has its very own charm in winter: melancholic and beautiful are the sometimes glittering and snow-covered canals, forests, meadows, lakes and marshland. Where in the summer mass of tourists are on the move, nobody is left in the winter and you can let affect you the quiet nature of this peculiar landscape.

Year after year, we are drawn back to the cozy and original holiday house of the owners Steffen and Noel, a lovingly converted barn in a historic farmhouse ensemble in the middle of nature.

The program includes: winter hikes, a winter paddling tour and a boat trip with hot wine through the Spreewald lagoons, a visit to the Spreewald museum, a visit to Cottbus, maybe a drive and hike in the Elbe stone mountains, spas / sauna visits and much more ... and, of course, our traditional New Year's Eve bonfire in case of dry weather. More infos: info@gay-aktivreisen.de


1/20 - 1/26/19 WINTER WILDERNESS TOUR FINLAND                  

Costs: From 1035 Euro

ADVENTURETOUR: The deserted wilderness around the northern finnish Hossa National Park near the Russian border impresses by their white silence and endless vastness. Here in this fascinating nature we will spend an active holiday with accommodation in a wilderness lodge: We are looking for polar lights, doing snowshoe day hikes and a dog sled ride through the snowy woods. Guide Tarmo wants to introduce us to the lifestyle of his homeland, we will also visit a reindeer farm, learn ice fishing and of course get to know the daily ritual of the finnish sauna. More infos: info@gay-aktivreisen.de



Costs: From 859 Euro

In Cyprus, spring usually starts in February with mild temperatures, a particularly interesting time to explore the island's thriving flora and fauna. Our week is focused in the northwest of the island with the Akamas National Park and its species-rich natural areas. Guide Yiannis, who has published a botanical guide about Cyprus, will show you the nature of his home island on day hikes. Your accommodation is a comfortable 3 star hotel located directly on a beautiful beach on the Akamas peninsula. More infos: info@gay-aktivreisen.de


NEW: 3/16 - 3/23/19: BIKEWEEK MADEIRA

Costs: From 878 Euro

Madeira has a year-round spring climate and won the title of the World Travel Awards as the leading island travel destination in Europe for the fifth time. No other European island can compete with such diverse and spectacular landscapes, especially for active holidays. It is especially exciting to explore the island by MTBike. Here I work with a local tour operator who offers us professional guides and mtbikes. On the guided tours you will get to know the island and its sights. You are a beginner without previous experience? No problem, our guides instruct you and guide you step by step to MTBiking. For beginners and participants with less condition there are also electric MTBikes Fully available. More details: info@gay-aktivreisen.de



Costs: 2040 Euro

ADVENTURE TOUR: One of the main considerations for planning this 18-day hiking trip was to provide an individual experience that is distinctly different from the classic South Africa tours. Instead, this tour focuses on a special section, the Settlers Country in the Eastern Cape. This area of ​​South Africa with a wide range of landscape types, climatic zones, flora and fauna is used by tourists mainly for hunting and big game viewing. But we want to visit the Eastern Cape for hiking in exciting, natural and historical landscapes. More Details: info@gay-aktivreisen.de



Costs: 2985 Euro

ADVENTURE TOUR: This almost three-week trip is an exciting mix of nature and culture. What was important to me was an individual program that combined the famous highlights of Bolivia & Peru with lesser-known but equally spectacular stages. In addition to cultural sightseeing and many beautiful landscapes, this tour also includes a 5-day trekking (with luggage transport) in the high mountains and a magnificent mountain bike descent from the Andes down to the tropical jungle. More details: info@gay-aktivreisen.de


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